The Department

The Department of Anatomy is one of the departments in Basic Medical Science block of the SRM Dental College. This department is teaching Human Anatomy, Human Embryology, Histology, Osteology to I BDS students and I MDS students. There are three faculty members; one Reader and two Lecturers. The department has a Human Cadaver dissection Hall, Histology laboratory, Museum and Faculty rooms. The Lecture hall is shared by other departments of basic medical sciences.

The Human Dissection Hall has 14 Human cadavers. I MDS Oral surgery students perform dissection practical in the cadavers. There are pre-dissected specimens of Human parts which are used for demonstration for I BDS students.

There are 67 compound microscopes and 5 Diessection Microscope. There are 1100 micro-slides of various tissues of the body. These are utilized to teach histology practical for I BDS students.

The museum has 4 articulated Human skeletons, and fifteen sets of disarticulated Human bones. These bones are used for teaching osteology practical to the students. There are charts and models for teaching Human embryology.

The Lecture Hall is provided with LCD projector and Green board. Lectures are conducted using power point presentation.

The undergraduate students and postgraduates students are encouraged to present scientific papers in seminars and conferences. The staff members also present research papers in conferences.

The staff members conduct special coaching classes for poor performers. Weekly and monthly tests are conducted to improve the standard of the students. This has helped in achieving higher pass percentage in the University examinations. We achieved 100% pass in the Anatomy in the University examination conducted in August 2010 and 2017.

UG Training Program :

This department is teaching Human Anatomy, Human Embryology, Histology, Osteology to I BDS Students.

PG Training Program :

This department is teaching Human Anatomy, Embryology, Histology, Osteology & Genetics to I MDS Students.

I MDS Oral & Maxillofacial surgery students are trained to dissect the head & neck region of human body which helps them to understand the anatomical basis of operative oral and maxillofacial surgery.

Innovation in dissection classes :

According to the need for modern Maxillo-facial reconstructive surgery, apart from the usual dissection classes, we are training the postgraduate students of OMFS for various bones grafting procedure like fibular graft, iliac crest graft, rib graft, for the past 5 years and from 2015onwards we also teach Musculocutaneous flap like Radial forearm flap and Tensor fascia lata flap for the MDS students.

PhD program in our department :

Dr.R.Muthusamy, Professor & Head of the Department of Anatomy is a recognized Research Supervisor of SRM University and University of Madras. In the past 5 years 5 Ph.D. thesis were submitted to the University of Madras by the candidates under his supervision.

Unique features of the department :

  • The dissection of human head & neck is video graphed for reference and revision by the students.
  • Our Department is the only Anatomy Department in Tamilnadu to teach osteo myocutaneous flap grafting procedures in Human cadavers to the Oral maxillofacial surgery Post graduate students.
  • Students are divided into four batches with a staff in charge and the teachers motivate and counsel them to improve in their academics.
  • The teachers also actively participate in making the students in presenting paper/posters in National & International level seminars/conferences.
S.NoName of the FacultyDesignation
1Dr P. Ravi SankarProfessor & Head
2Mr.P. RavishankarSenior Lecturer
3Dr.MustafaSenior Lecturer
4Dr.KarpagamAdjunct faculty
4Dr Suresh Ranjogi RaoAdjunct faculty