Research Activities

1D.Prabhu, MDS
(Part time/Internal)
A comparative study on Public Health scenario between British rule and post independent India in the areas confined to Madras Presidency with Tamil Nadu
2 Dr.Dhayanand John Victor, MDS(Part time/Internal)
Identification and correlation of Intracellular periodontal pathogens in chronic periodontitis
3Dr.Sangeetha Duraisamy, MDS(Part time/Internal)Evaluation of the effect of Zinc oxide and copper oxide nanoparticles coated brackets on Biofilm adhesion and streptococcus mutans count
4Dr.Anupama Tadepalli, MDS
(Part time/Internal)
Efficacy of various mechanical treatment modalities in titanium implant surface decontamination

No. of PhD Awarded under the guidance of Dr.S.Nirmala:
Part time/Internal : 03

1Dr.Rajani Gad
(Full time)
Studies on a Fibrinolytic (Nattokinase) Enzyme from Bacillus Species for Commercial ExploitationMay-15
(Part time/Internal)
Role of Zinc and Lysosomal Enzyme Changes in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus with PeriodontitisJan-15
3Dr.K.Raj Kumar, MDS
(Part time/Internal)
Role of Serological and Salivary Biomarkers in Oral Premalignancy and Oral Squamous Cell CarcinomaSep-14