The Department

Department Faculty The department of Physiology embarked in the year 1996.It abides by the university Motto, Learn, Leap and Lead. The department is located in the first floor of new BMS block which avails 2457.40 square feet, along with physiology lab which can accommodate 50 students easily. The department also has demonstration hall where it […]


Student Staff 2017 Prarthana.J, Dr.S.Meenakshi, Uterus Didelphys – 11th Saveetha International conference (Best Paper) Dec 2017 2014 Suman.M.Mathew,Vijayalakshmi.G,Bhavani, Effects of platelet derived growth factor in osteoarthritis-IX saveetha international conference.(BEST PAPAR), Nov 2014. Navdeep Singh, Vijayalakshmi.G,Bhavani,Human amniotic epithelial cell in focal Transient cerebral ischemic brain of wistar albino rat-IX saveetha international conference.,Nov 2014. 2013 Sumayya Sulthana, […]